Our passion for doing well and giving back

We want Chiquita to be the banana of choice in every market we are in, providing our customers with the highest quality product and service. We want to create consistent value for the Chiquita Brand, our customers, suppliers, associates and the community whilst respecting the environment. We want to do so in the spirit of doing well and giving back, with respect for the environment and everyone involved in our business.


150 years young

Chiquita is approaching 150 years young - a good moment to reflect on our achievements but, more importantly, to focus on the road we need to follow for the 150 years in front of us. Now in private ownership, with a vision for the long term, we want to build a resilient company able to cope with both the cycles inherent in the fruit business as well as the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

To achieve this we need to be part of a healthy and competitive industry. We have to generate consistent returns over time in order to invest for the future. Also, and unambiguously, we need to run a truly sustainable and responsible business model. We want to respect and protect our natural resources. We want to support the communities where we work and, above all, place our proud and skilled employees at the center of all our activities. That is why we are committed to the broad spirit of doing well and giving back.

We want to do well and grow. That is good business but, also, we want to give back to our employees and our communities. Today we are investing in our sustainable future proactively. Our decision-making focuses on a long-term view. We try to steer clear of ‘quick fixes’ for short-term gain. We are farmers at heart with a focus on growing, sourcing and delivering our best to our consumers in all aspects. We do so not just with a sense of integrity and humility but with bold commitment. We manage our operations with a hands-on, practical approach from shareholder to farm worker. That’s why CSR is not a separate, independent function in Chiquita. It is now embedded ´North, South, East and West’ in all our daily operations.

Our initiatives for sustainable business


We want to make sure that our iconic Blue Sticker stands for both sustainable bananas and our inspiration for doing well and giving back. Efficient and sustainable business processes throughout the whole supply chain with a healthy, motivated workforce is at the core of how we run our company.

We have a duty and commitment to our communities, and we know that their success translates in to our success. That is why we support our communities with a variety of projects. The initiative Children and Education is our answer to the need to educate our younger generation. Furthermore, we will continue to support our longstanding biodiversity projects in Latin America.

Being the existential basis and Alimentary subsistence for millions of people, we want to bring the industry together in order to ensure our ability to address issues like TR4. The disease is endangering not just our banana farms, but those of our suppliers and competitors, too - across countries and markets.

Dietro il bollino blu'
Essere un buon vicino
Per il bene generale
Behind the Blue Sticker

Behind the Blue Sticker

Today we are and will be focusing our sustainability strategy on 3 essential initiatives: Firstly, we want to ensure that our iconic blue sticker stands for high-quality, delicious, and - above all – sustainable bananas. For this reason the Behind the Blue Sticker initiative comprises numerous innovations in farm management and logistics with an impact on waste, emission reduction, CO2 and water footprint and much more.

Our most notable sustainability initiative under this heading is the ongoing farm rejuvenation program to improve efficiency and environmental footprint. As of today 39% of the farmland we own has been rejuvenated. Our goal is to reach 76% by 2020. To achieve this we need skilled and motivated employees. That is why we place employees at the very core of our efforts. We provide them with a comprehensive set of programs and benefits related to workplace safety, healthcare, collective bargaining agreements, women’s rights, education and training as well as competitive wages and savings plans.

Being a Good Neighbour

Being a Good Neighbor

Secondly, we aspire to Being a Good Neighbor. As a good neighbor and citizen, we recognize we have a duty and commitment to our communities, suppliers, customers, partners, consumers and the environment. We initiate and support community projects such as investing in school infrastructure, helping children receive an education, creating environmental awareness and promoting social empowerment.

We provide disaster relief when needed and work closely with NGO partners on selected charity programs. In terms of the environment, we continue to support our longstanding nature conservation projects.


For the Greater Good

For the Greater Good

Thirdly, for the global banana industry to be viable and durable over time, we, as industry leaders, must leverage resources and know-how in an industry-wide approach working For the Greater Good. Bananas are the world’s fourth most important food crop after rice, wheat and maize. Indeed bananas are an essential and important food staple for millions.

We want to bring industry players together to address issues like the threat of the TR4 banana disease. In our globally connected world TR4 knows no boundaries. We recognize our duty and responsibility to take the lead and proactively work for the future of our industry together with all stakeholders.

Sustainability Timeline

Engagement Rainforest Alliance


1st farms in Costa Rica certified 2000-2012 100% owned farms certified


Business for Social Responsibility &Ethical Trading Initiative


Costa Rica owned farms certified 


Colombia & Panama owned farms certified


1st Colombia, Costa Rica & Panama owned farms certified


Social Accountability International Advisory Board


Citizens of Americas Award


100% owned farms certified


WWF Mesoamerican Reef


100% owned farms certified


Nogal Project with Migros & GTZ


Corporate IFC Labor Advisory Group


Biodiversity Partnership with REWE, GIZ, CORBANA


Carbon Footprint with MIT


Women’s Committee with IUF/COLSIBA


IPL/ASDA Join Nogal Project 


Water Footprint WWF


66% pineapple volume certified


Container fleet upgrade, reducing energy consumption by 35% to 58%


24 years with Rainforest Alliance 


Upgrade of Swedish Banana Ripening Center, enabling 45% energy savings


German retailer REWE Customer Award as one of their most sustainable products


Corporate Sustainable Champion Award from Rainforest Alliance for exceptional commitment to sustainability & improving livelihoods


World’s largest solar tracking system on a roof now complete at Chiquita facility in US